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What kind of inventor are you?

I am a visual thinker. And I am an inventor: I invent great experiences in innovative services. My visual thinking comes in really handy when new services need to be designed after visualising the rich qualitative insights gained from design research. This is how I use visual thinking: to let clients discover the worlds of [...]

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Empathy For a design researcher empathy is one of the most important aspects to get engaged with a user's context. This movie explains very nice what it actually is, empathy, and shows the difference between empathy and sympathy.

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Just for fun

The right visual will help you remember...

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The process of visual thinking

In his book ‘The back of the napkin’ Dan Roam explains the process of visual thinking. The core of visual thinking is an iterative process of looking and seeing (as visualised on the left on the photo underneath). At first you need to look at a situation from different perspectives (Who/What, How much, Where, When, [...]

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Storytelling and visual thinking

In the video underneath Nancy Duarte gives an analysis of a good presentation and talks about storytelling. Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs both use the structure she explains. I think combined with my visualisations this way of storytelling can be very powerful when presenting and convincing others of your idea.

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Differences in brain sides

I still get amazed by the way Jill Bolte Taylor – Neuroscientist, tells about her experience with her left brain side blocked by a stroke...She lively explains the roles of the different brain sides, which is interesting when you look at the value of visual thinking.

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